Panel: Organisering og hvordan brukes filmer i arbiederbevegelsen

Fauzia Wik fra LO snakker om arbeidsorganisering. Panel om hvordan filmer kan brukes som et våpen i arbeiderbevegelsen.
Fauzia Wik from LO talks on labour organizing. Panel on how films could be used as a weapon in the worker movement.


Talat Bhat

Activist, documentary filmmaker, Journalist and trade union campaigner based in Sweden. He is the producer and editor of Bring Him Back which deals with Shaheed-e-Kashmir Maqbool Bhat’s mother's struggle to have his remains returned to Kashmir.  He is the project leader of RåFILM’s project Jammu Kashmir TV Live  to promote freedom of free speech and dialogue in all parts of the occupied areas under Pakistani and Indian occupation.

Fauzia Hussain-Wiik
LO-lederen i Bergen og omland. Til daglig er Hussain-Wiik leder i Fagforbundet Helse Bergen.
02.10.2021 15:00 60 mins